The International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) is the main coordination body for police reform in Afghanistan. The Board, chaired by the Afghan Minister of Interior Affairs, coordinates, prioritizes and guides the international police reform efforts, with a view toward ensuring consistency between the policy and operational levels for the Afghan National Police. Additionally, the IPCB through its Secretariat (IPCB-S), aims to build the capacity of the MoI to internally manage international donor assistance.
The IPCB assists the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a common effort to reform the Afghan National Police (ANP), in accordance with the vision and priorities of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, into a credible, respected, professional, increasingly government-funded police service that is committed to the rule of law, is supportive of the government of Afghanistan and its people, and acts consistently in accordance with established principles of international law and national regulations.
The IPCB derives its authority from the 2nd International Civilian Police Conference on Afghanistan held in October of 2006 in Dubai, UAE. The conference attendees created the IPCB and the IPCB-Secretariat with a mandate to coordinate the police reform efforts in Afghanistan.
The IPCB members adopted a new Omnibus Agreement and Mandate in November 2013 that reinforced IPCB to act as the main body to coordinate, prioritize and guide the international police reform efforts in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
The IPCB has 22 members consisting of member states and international organisations. Click here for a full list of our members and links to their web-sites.

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